Xbox Downloads Getting Stuck? This Incoming Fix Should Solve It

We've been seeing various reports over the past few months that some Xbox downloads have been getting stuck right at the end - including updates - with the message constantly sticking on the phrase, "finishing things up."

Based on what we've seen, this issue seems to last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks:

Admittedly, we haven't run into this issue ourselves, but Microsoft has confirmed as part of a recent Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox Insider update that the problem has been fixed, and it'll hopefully roll out to all users very soon.

"Fixed an issue where an update could get stuck while showing “Finishing things up” in queue."

Microsoft also recently rolled out the new 'suspend' feature for downloads as part of the April 2021 public update, which allows you to put a game into a suspended state in order for your downloads to run at maximum speeds.

Have you run into this issue? Let us know down in the comments section below.