Random: Guess What, Even A Tesla Can Run Xbox Game Pass Now
Image: Xbox, Tesla

Since the release of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android as part of Xbox Game Pass last year, we've seen it running on a variety of devices including an actual, real-life smart fridge, and now it's even been proven to run on a Tesla!

Footage of this was shared by indie game dev Chris Woefel on Twitter earlier today, showing a laggy but usable Xbox Game Pass interface as part of Xbox Cloud Gaming, using touch controls to navigate the menus:

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer even responded to the footage, humorously stating that it's "not quite the scenario we are focused on at the moment," but nevertheless sharing his enthusiasm for the creativity of the Xbox community:

"Not quite the scenario we are focused on at the moment but love to see the community taking Xbox Cloud with them everywhere. As always give us feedback on where you want to play and the experience. This is a journey, lots of work ahead of us."

It remains to be seen where Xbox Game Pass will pop up next, but we do know that a "limited beta" for the service on Apple devices and PC via a browser-based system has begun today, rolling out to everyone over the coming months.

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