Battlefield 6 May Not Be Coming To Xbox One

We know Battlefield 6 is coming, despite no gameplay or proper teaser trailers as of yet. EA hasn't been quiet on the game's existence, but they have been silent on whether the game will be coming to last-gen systems, which has one known Battlefield leaker curious.

Rumours have circulated in recent weeks that Battlefield 6 could be launching Xbox Game Pass on day one. There's no concrete evidence of this so far, but Tom Henderson, who is known for being a reliable source of Battlefield news, seems to think this could be the reason there's no rumblings of a last-gen version.

According to Henderson, there's no been no word from his sources regarding a last-gen version at all. Due to this, his theory is that Battlefield 6 could come to Xbox Game Pass on day one to help boost the player base.

If this is the way EA wants to go with the next entry, it makes sense to add it day one into a service - especially when the Xbox Series X|S is hard to obtain right now. It would also become a pretty big deal to upgrade to next-gen, as one of the first AAA games that resides exclusively on those systems. Obviously this is all to be taken with a pinch of salt as of now, but it does pose some exciting theories for what the future may hold.

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