Random: Ever Played Xbox On A Smart Fridge? This Guy Has
Image: Samsung

It was inevitable following the release of Xbox Cloud Gaming for Android users last month that fans would find ways to play their games in unorthodox ways, but none of us probably would have guessed that someone would be playing DOOM Eternal on a Samsung Smart Fridge.

But, as you can see below, that's exactly what's happened! It also seems to run pretty well - the latency doesn't appear to take much of a hit, so it actually seems a feasible, albeit very outlandish way of playing games.

It hasn't been revealed yet how the Instagram user in question managed to get Xbox Game Pass running on the device (and we're not exactly clued up on Samsung Smart Fridges), but we're assuming it involves some kind of workaround which obviously isn't officially supported by Microsoft. Still pretty cool, though!

Give it a few years, and there won't be a screen in the house that you can't play your Xbox games on...

Liking this, or is it a waste of time? How are you getting on with Xbox Cloud Gaming? Let us know below.

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