The much anticipated follow up to Subnautica arrives on May 14, and a new cinematic trailer reminds us of the weird underwater world we'll get to experience again in Subnautica: Below Zero.

Set after the events of the first game, the latest installment will have players diving and crafting their way to uncover the mystery of the planet 4546B. The majority of the alien planet is made up of water, but will now allow you to explore freezing biomes on land. All the survival tropes for the first game will also return, meaning you'll have to do whatever it takes to survive this harsh, cold planet.

Key Features

- Survival is Key – Gather valuable materials, craft tools, manage your hunger and thirst, all while evading the dangerous wildlife that sees you as its next meal.
- The Mysteries Submerged
– You came here in search of answers. You risked everything to get here.
- Exploration
– Delve into unique aquatic and terrain biomes that will unlock not only materials, but the answers that you seek.
- Build your Habitat
– Crafting and building the comforts of home here. These bases will be integral for your survival from not only the wildlife, but also the harsh environment around you.

The sequel is expected to hit Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and the first game is available to play in Xbox Game Pass now. If you've already finished it and you're looking for something similar to scratch your survival itch before it arrives, Breathedge arrived on Xbox last week, and plays in a similar vein - but set in space. Definitely one to check out if you have an urge for a survival game before the next Subnautica arrives.

Will you be checking out Subnautica: Below Zero? Let us know in the comments below.