Brainwash Gang has announced that narrative-driven game Grotto will be heading to Xbox One later this year.

The stylistic mystical adventure sees players controller the Soothsayer - a mysterious being who lives inside a grotto, who is sought out by a local tribe for his help to read upon the stars. The unique premise has you learning to read the sky and bones to see into the future, or speak to those who have perished.

Being a narrative-driven game, the decisions you make will affect the tribe and how they survive - their lives are in your hands. Grotto's art style is gorgeous, beautifully rendering 2D characters in a 3D world, all wrapped in a cel shaded sort of style. It's really unique and unlike anything we've really seen before.

Key Features

- Look to the sky from the sacred rock, draw the constellations, and read the stars
- Learn to read the bones and foretell the future or contact those who are goneGet to know your people and help them face their problems
- Choose wisely your answers as you’ll change the present and future of your tribe. They will thrive or die depending on your words
- A visual style that mixes 2D and 3D art brings the confined world of Grotto to life

Unfortunately, there's no confirmed release date as of yet outside of Q3/Q4. Although, as soon as we hear of one, we'll be sure to let you know. Grotto looks like a really fresh and different experience, which are quite often some of the best - so count us in!

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