It's always a sad time when games leave Xbox Game Pass, and one of the most notable examples from the next batch being removed this Thursday, April 15 is Deliver Us The Moon, which is a fantastic little indie title from KeokeN Interactive and Wired Productions. The best bit? You can download it today and be finished by Thursday!

So, what is Deliver Us The Moon? In a nutshell, it's a sci-fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future. The story's premise is highly intriguing, focusing on a world where Earth's natural resources have been depleted, and so the newly-created 'World Space Agency' promises a new source of energy to be provided from the Moon. However, years later, all communications suddenly cease with Earth, and it becomes your job to find out what happened.

The game is best described as a walking simulator with light puzzles and platforming for the most part, although that doesn't really do it justice. There's a lot of creativity in Deliver us the Moon, from forcing you to navigate anti-gravity scenarios on a time limit, to riding buggies on the surface of the Moon, to having you operate a drone which comes along with you for the journey. At its best, it feels like a pretty epic (and lonely) space adventure.

Deliver Us The Moon Xbox Game Pass 2

Deliver Us The Moon's greatest strength arguably lies in its ability to cultivate a very realistic and often unsettling vibe, and that's thanks to its surprisingly superb visuals, eerie and captivating soundtrack, and detailed environments. The story remains engaging throughout, being told through the likes of audio messages and hologram-like cutscenes as you piece together what happened, and you can flesh out the plot with more discoveries if you look for them.

If you're not really taken in by the vibe and the atmosphere of Deliver Us The Moon, it's admittedly going to be a bit of a hard sell. The gameplay isn't really complex enough to attract on its own, and so it's the sum of all parts that makes it such a memorable Xbox Game Pass title. You'll need at least some intrigue in the premise before going into this.

But, if it sinks its hooks into you early, we think you'll have a blast with Deliver Us The Moon over the next few days before it leaves the Xbox Game Pass library. It's only about 5-7 hours long (you can rush it if you're good at puzzles and don't stick around in one area for too long), it's a relatively small download at just under 10GB, and if you really like it, it's also getting an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S upgrade later this year. Don't overlook this one!

Have you played Deliver Us The Moon? What do you think of it? Tell us down in the comments.

What Do You Think Of Deliver Us The Moon?