We've got another confirmed Xbox Game Pass addition for May 2021, and it's a day one launch! EA's Knockout City will be heading to the Ultimate version of the service on May 21, included as part of EA Play.

The game is described as a "dodgebrawler" in which you compete in epic dodgeball battles across Knockout City from the darkest alleys to the highest skyscrapers. "It’s all about skill, style, teamwork, and, well, balls. Obviously."

If you're not a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you'll still be able to purchase the game for $19.99 when it arrives next month, and it'll be available to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Knockout City is full of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed brawlers like yourself, ready to bean opponents with balls in a friendly (well, mostly friendly) dodgebrawl competition. Suit up with endless cosmetic options, then get right into the action. It’ll take a careful combination of teamwork, positioning, and timing to outsmart your opponents: Pass to allies for a high-speed hit from a new angle, throw trick shots to blast them around corners or over walls, or use fake throws to trip up their catches.

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