Rust is coming to Xbox One later this year, and a brand new trailer invites players to check out its desolate world.

Originally launched in early access for PC back in 2013, the game is finally making its console debut sometime in 2021. The new trailer doesn’t reveal too much, but it does showcase some of the landscape shots of the world, complete with some frantic shootouts that players may stumble into.

Rust is an online survival game that tasks players to embrace its harsh world. Along with animals to watch out for, other players can also stop you in your tracks and end your life at any moment. It’s one of the elements that makes Rust so engaging in its moment-to-moment gameplay.

A closed beta has been running for a select lucky few recently, with many still wishing to get in. The recently launched Twitter account for the console edition has promised to send more invites in the future ahead of launch, enabling more people to experience the game.

The game has been a massive success on PC, and became the precursor to games such as Ark: Survival Evolved. When the game hits Xbox later this year, no doubt it will attract a lot of attention.

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