It's been a long time since boxing fans have been treated to a mainstream boxing game on Xbox - Fight Night Champion just celebrated its 10th anniversary (!) - but there's some good news, as a new challenger is entering the ring.

Specifically, this game is called eSports Boxing Club, which was actually unveiled back in April of last year, set to feature 65 licensed boxers, realistic venues, a fully-customisable career mode, officially licensed gear and much more.

And now, we've got some official gameplay footage to show you! The video above goes into a deep dive on everything from movement to the adrenaline system, and while it's early footage, it definitely appears to be showing promise.

eSports Boxing Club looks set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S whenever it does eventually arrive, but there's nothing official on any kind of release window just yet, and it seems it might still be a while out.

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