Croc Almost Made Its Way To Xbox With Online Multiplayer

Croc is one of the forgotten platforming legends that deserves another chance at the spotlight. The cute green hero almost had another shot, too, as there were reportedly talks of bringing him over to Xbox in the form of an online multiplayer game.

In a recent interview with The Gamer, the series’ lead designer, Nic Cusworth, revealed that a pitch was made to bring the franchise over to Xbox, but with the twist of it being incorporated with online multiplayer. Obviously these ideas didn’t transpire, but Cusworth’s details on what it could have been definitely has us interested.

The premise was said to have a mixture of single player, two player, and four player co-op, which saw friends navigating levels from different points to solve puzzles and platforming challenges. It would have required teamwork for players to make their way through each of the game’s situations.

Unfortunately, developer Argonaut Software, who had worked on the popular Harry Potter games for the PlayStation 1, found that funds at the company were tight as sales dried up, so the pitch of the idea was ultimately scrapped.

“I think the idea was liked, but Argonaut was going through a tough patch. Things were not working out. The money from the Harry Potter games was drying up and it was a company that struggled to make the transition from PlayStation to the PlayStation 2 era.”

It’s a shame as not only would this have been a great idea, it would have been the first entry to make the leap to the Xbox family. Fans of the series still champion the game today, with regular Twitch streams and other community projects, so there’s still some love out there. But it seems like our hopes of him jumping over to Xbox have been squandered. Shame.

Would you have liked to have seen Croc make the leap to Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.