Paradise Lost is a first-person narrative driven adventure game, and will be arriving for Xbox One on March 24, publisher All In! Games has announced.

The story follows an apocalyptic world that remains a wasteland after the Nazi invasion during WWII. As a 12 year old child scouring the world, you'll come across a bunker, which plays host to the game's many secrets as the story unfolds.

"WWII had no victor, leaving the heart of Europe hidden behind a veil of radiation, transformed into a nuclear wasteland by the Nazis. As Szymon, a recently orphaned 12-year-old wandering the wasteland, you come across a massive, abandoned bunker. From deep inside, a mysterious girl, Ewa, contacts Szymon via the bunker’s intercoms—who is she and what are her intentions? Will you uncover the secrets of the past?"

Alongside a release date trailer, the team has also unveiled the 13 minute gameplay walkthrough you see above, which gives viewers a sense of the type of environments they will be exploring, and how the story will unfold through world building. It definitely looks interesting, and could be an engaging story that digs its hooks into us during a quiet March.

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