Along with the new update this week, which has delivered the Ostara Festival to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Ubisoft has also announced the first expansion, Wrath of the Druids, will be launching on April 29.

Available as part of the Season Pass or separately, the new expansion has players setting sail for Ireland on a brand new adventure, with new quests, locations, and secrets to uncover.

"Explore and smuggle your way through the haunted beauty of Ireland as you gain the favor of Gaelic kings and confront the druidic cult, the Children of Danu."

This is the first of two confirmed expansions, the second being The Siege of Paris, which is due at a later unconfirmed date. Until the first expansion drops, players can get involved in the Ostara Festival, a limited time event that runs from March 18 until April 8. Here, players will be engaging in a variety of activities, such as hunting eggs and other festivities - all in the hopes of earning special rewards.

"After a long harsh winter, the return of spring is cause for celebration in Ravensthorpe with the Ostara Festival, a time-limited event held from March 18 to April 8! Experience a wholesome time hunting eggs, or share in the festivities with archery, drinking, and brawling.

When night falls, protect the Raven Clan from spirits who run wild through the forest, sowing chaos. Earn special rewards for completing activities for both day and night time in-game, available only during the Festival. The long winter is over, so put some flowers in your hair, grab a drink, and celebrate before the Festival comes to a close!"

There's a lot of content underway and coming to the game in the near future, so plenty to keep people invested. That said, the game is already long enough as it is, and this writer is still slowly making progress through the game here at Pure Xbox!

Are you going to be checking out Wrath of the Druids? Let us know in the comments below.

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