We'll be getting a taste of Outriders next week, as the free demo will be arriving on February 25th.

As confirmed by the game’s Twitter account, this will not be similar to the previous betas for the game, and instead is being billed as a demo. It will last a few hours, including the prologue and the game’s opening chapter. It will also give players a sample of some side missions in the game’s world.

All four classes will be available with six character slots, and they will cap at Level 7. The aim is to give players a chance to try out the different characters' skill trees. Any progress made can be transferred to the full game. It’s also been advised that while cross-play will also be available, it is still in its beta stage.

Outriders was originally meant to be released by now, but was pushed back until April 1st to allow for more development time on the game. The 1-3 player co-operative shooter is being helmed by People Can Fly, who previously worked on games such as Bulletstorm. We’re eager to try Outriders and see what the fuss is about.

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