Random: Destiny 2 Player Matches Up With Xbox Head Phil Spencer
Image: S3xyTrap on Reddit

On a light-hearted note, one Reddit user has shared a recent Destiny 2 experience in which they managed to run into Xbox's very own Phil Spencer.

Spencer (who is currently rank 109 in Destiny 2), reportedly crossed paths with one Reddit user, and to commemorate the occasion the pair took a selfie in-game. He was seen sporting his classic P3 tag (which he similarly uses as his Twitter handle), and as noted by many Reddit users, was sporting his favourite weapon - the Arbalest.

It's nice to know that Spencer does get moments to kick back and game just like the rest of us, and that he has a genuine passion for the medium. Wonder where he'll crop up next?

Managed to strike up a game with Phil Spencer in the past? Let us know in the comments.

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