The excellent Overcooked! All You Can Eat was a next-gen exclusive for Xbox Series X and S when it released this past November, but now Xbox One players are also going to be able to get in on the fun.

Releasing on March 23rd, the game features all 200+ levels (including new ones) from the first two Overcooked! games, along with all DLC, visuals at up to 4K, and gameplay running at 60 frames per-second.

In addition, Overcooked! All You Can Eat features new accessibility options including an assist mode, three new and exclusive chefs, online and cross-play support across both games, and much, much more. It's packed with content!

It looks like the game will only be getting a digital release on Xbox One (whereas the Nintendo Switch and PS4 are getting physical versions as well), and it'll be available to purchase for £30 / $40 when it arrives this March.

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