Mass Effect Legendary Edition News Might Be On The Way This Week

After what seems like an eternity, it looks as though Mass Effect Legendary Edition news could be on the horizon, according to an industry insider.

Shinobi602 recently took to a Resetera thread to tease some exciting details, declaring that excited fans can "survive one more weekend". With the comment being a few days old, it signals that gamers could be receiving more information imminently. He also added that it's more than straight up port of Mass Effect and "a good amount of work [has] gone in, not just visually but systems too".

It's also interesting to note that the editors for both The Gamer and Game Informer have appeared to tease plans for a Mass Effect week on each on their sites, featuring exclusive content on each side. Shinobi602 recently retweeted a comment from one editor at Game Informer, telling followers they are going to want to check out the site on Tuesday for exclusive content. While they didn't specifically mention Mass Effect, followers have seemingly put two and two together. Interesting!

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