Drew Murray Returns To Insomniac After Leaving Xbox Studio The Initiative

Drew Murray, who is known in the Xbox community most recently for working at The Initiative, the team behind the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot, has announced he is returning to Insomniac Games.

Murray previously revealed he had left The Initiative, and has worked with Insomniac Games before, helping design games such as the Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive. However, the developer is now more famously known for its work on PlayStation franchises such as Ratchet & Clank, which Murray has worked on previously.

In a Twitter post, Murray announced that he would be returning to Insomniac Games as principle designer. He says this now makes it his “seventh job title” and he is “excited” to be working with former colleagues.

The Initiative revealed their Perfect Dark reboot at The Game Awards back in December. While no release date was announced, its being developed as a first-party Xbox title, meaning Xbox Game Pass owners will be able to dive into the game day and date when it launches. Whenever that might be!

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