Did You Know: The Xbox Series X Controller Can Memorise Syncs To Multiple Devices

The new Xbox Series X controller can be used for lots of different things, from playing standard games on your console to pairing it with Android for Project xCloud, and on Windows 10 PCs with a wireless adapter.

Fortunately, while Microsoft doesn't make this very clear, you don't have to manually resync your controller every single time you want to switch devices. Instead, you just have to follow these simple rules:

In simple terms, this means if you want to resync to your Xbox, you just double-tap the sync button at the top of your controller, and syncing to another device just requires holding the button until it flashes a few times.

The biggest restriction surrounding this appears to be that only one Xbox and one separate device can be memorised at a time, but if you're switching back and forth regularly, this should save a lot of hassle moving forward.

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[source reddit.com, via twitter.com]