Thought The Kinect Was Dead? It's Getting Another Game In 2021

When Microsoft announced last year that the Xbox Series X (and Xbox Series S) wouldn't have a port for the motion-tracking Kinect controller, it was assumed the device was pretty much finished in terms of getting new games.

While that might very likely be the case for console, developer Strange Scaffold has bizarrely revealed to Rock Paper Shotgun that its upcoming PC game Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator will have support for the Kinect.

RPS notes that it's "not clear" why Kinect is being offered as option for the management game, but Strange Scaffold developer Xalavier Nelson Jr humorously told the outlet that you'll be able to “finally realise Microsoft’s hardware dream of plucking an organ out of the air and moving it with your hands”.

The game is arriving on Steam at some point in 2021, and while the Kinect still has uses outside of games in various industries, there's a chance this might become the very last Kinect supported least for some time.

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