The Medium Dev Praises Xbox Series S And Its 'Awesome' Architecture

The big release for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this week is that of Bloober Team's The Medium, which arrives on Xbox Game Pass this Thursday (January 28th) for the next-gen consoles and PC.

Bloober Team has been talking about the upcoming release to VG247, and producer Jacek Zięba revealed during the interview that while is the least powerful of the systems, it still runs The Medium fantastically well.

“Yeah, I even played the whole game on Series S like one week ago and I was blown away because I thought I played on Series X. "Somebody told me “man, this is Series S.” What! Awesome, wonderful.

Of course, you know, there will not be 4K because S does not support 4K, and of course it will maybe look different a little to Series X because X is twice as powerful, but the overall experience and fun from the game, it is the same. I own the Series S and I can’t wait to play in my home.”

Zięba noted that developing for the two systems was "mostly a no brainer" and a "really pleasant experience", and The Medium lead designer Wojciech Piejko also went on to share his praise for the Xbox Series S specifically:

“Yeah, so the graphics are still nice because we’ve got a really cool graphic art style and I love the art style of the game. It’s in lower resolution, but it’s still the same great experience.

“The architecture of S, of this little while box, is just awesome."

Looking forward to the release of The Medium? Are you liking your Xbox Series S? Let us know below.