Random: Quantum Break Predicted Today Would Be The 'End Of Time'

Not to bum you out or anything, but remember 2016 Xbox One console exclusive Quantum Break? The game's plot predicted that the 'End of Time' would arrive in 2021, and specifically today, January 5th.

Lots of people have been highlighting the same screenshot which shows main character Jack Joyce staring at a series of plans, with the last of them pointing out "Jan 5th" as the date of the impending doomsday.

Beth's Journal: "Much of my experience at the End of Time has become a blur in my memory, but there is one detail that I can’t shake. One detail that brings my entire mission into question. One detail that haunts me. 2021."

If you're not sure what all of this is about, Quantum Break centres its plot around time travel, and the 'End of Time' becomes a key plot point for its narrative which plays out both in-game and through digital live action episodes.

Assuming today isn't the end of time, you should definitely check out Quantum Break if you haven't already, which is available with Xbox Game Pass and also currently discounted by 75% in this week's Xbox sale.

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