AMD Surprised By Demand For Next-Gen Consoles At Launch

Chipmaker AMD has played a very big role in the development of the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and even the PlayStation 5, and now AMD CEO Lisa Su has provided some thoughts about the launches of all three consoles.

Speaking as part of CES 2021 (transcribed by VentureBeat), Su noted that the company was "thrilled with how the console launches went", especially given the quantity of systems being put in place.

"We’re thrilled with how the console launches went. You’ve heard separately from Sony and Microsoft, their discussions about the size of the launches and the reception of the products. From our standpoint, if you think about it, with just the amount of new hardware that had to come into place — millions of units of both consoles, or all three consoles — that needed to ship, it came together very nicely."

Su went on to reveal that the company was actually surprised by the level of demand, now "trying to put more capacity in place for that", but nevertheless the partnership was excellent with both Microsoft and Sony.

"As far as what we’ve learned, there is higher demand than we thought, and we’re trying to put more capacity in place for that. But we’re very happy with the launches, with the partnerships with both Sony and Microsoft. They have somewhat different strategies, but we’ve partnered very well with both of them. This is a big cycle. That says a lot about how much technology we’ve been able to integrate into the console form factor."

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