State of Decay 2 has been optimised for the Xbox Series X, featuring new content for players to dive into.

Making the jump to Xbox Series X|S, developer Undead Labs has made improvements to support the new hardware. The game now operates with "blazingly fast load times, improved image quality, tighter controls, and a solid 60 frames per second at full 4K (Series X) or 1080p (Series S) resolution", according to the update announcement.

We've noticed the improvements have been available for a fair few weeks now.

Along with the update, a new mode is being introduced known as Lethal Zone and is described as an "ultra-hardcore difficulty mode":

"This new ultra-hardcore difficulty mode presents the very toughest version of State of Decay 2 that you’ve ever seen. Zombies are even more dangerous, resources and weapons are even harder to find, and blood plague kills you even faster than in Nightmare."

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