Talking Point: Are You Suffering From Saving Issues With Watch Dogs: Legion?

It's been over three weeks since Watch Dogs: Legion made its launch on the Xbox Series X|S and many users, including us here at Pure Xbox, are still experiencing issues with the game refusing to save.

For those that aren't aware, Watch Dogs: Legion players are finding the game is not saving automatically, suffering from crashing and freezing issues in some cases. The issue is widespread enough that every time the game's social media channels share a post, the comments are plagued with players asking for a fix.

Currently, there's no estimated time for a fix, although the team has identified the issue and is working to get it remedied as soon as possible - it was hinted last month that a patch might be ready for early December.

With no real workaround or end in sight, the game is fairly unplayable for a large amount of people who are losing hours upon hours of progress every time they boot the game up. Is this an issue that's also affecting you, or is this the first you're hearing about it? Even better, if you are affected, have you found a workaround?

Let us know your experiences with this Watch Dogs: Legion saving problem in the comments below.

Have You Been Affected By Watch Dogs: Legion's Saving Issues?