Watch Dogs: Legion Isn't Saving Progress Correctly On Xbox, Won't Be Fixed Until December

We reported earlier this week that some players were having issues in Assassin's Creed Valhalla with loss of save data and corruption, and another of Ubisoft's titles in Watch Dogs: Legion has a similar problem on its hands.

The issue? The game isn't saving progress correctly on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One (we've seen reports from PC players as well), and disappointingly, the issue isn't set to be fixed until early December.

According to fans, the issue with Watch Dogs: Legion seems to be that the game's auto-save system simply stops working at some point in time, and after that point you can't manually force the game to make a save either.

There's no official word on how to get around this issue for the time being, but here's some advice courtesy of one user on the official Watch Dogs Reddit - it involves quitting out of the game regularly to avoid losing too much progress.

"After every mission or anything else I don't want to lose, press start and quit to the main menu. If it quits straight away it means that the game has saved. So load back in and keep playing. If it freezes on the menu screen it means the save system has failed. You'll have to force quit the game and lose any progress since the last successful save."

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