Former Microsoft CEO Reportedly Gifts NBA Players With PS5s

Before Satya Nadella took over the job of Microsoft's chief executive officer back in 2014, American businessman Steve Ballmer had held the role since all the way back in 2000, prior to the launch of the original Xbox.

And so, his name conjured up plenty of mentions on social media last night when it was reported that Ballmer, now owner of NBA team the LA Clippers, had seemingly bought his players PS5s prior to their season opener.

As you can imagine, Twitter was flooded with comments pointing out the irony of Ballmer buying PlayStation 5 consoles for the team rather than Xbox Series Xs, which certainly left many bemused!

It's obviously not something to take too seriously though, and who knows - maybe Ballmer has bought his players the new Xboxes already? Perhaps the gift helped, too, as the Clippers went on to beat the LA Lakers 116-109!

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