Publisher Riot Forge and developer Airship Syndicate have announced that their brand-new "immersive turn-based RPG" Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is heading to Xbox early next year.

The single-player title will provide you with the freedom to configure your party and control an unlikely group of League of Legends champions as you explore the bustling city of Bilgewater and the mysterious Shadow Isles, with playable characters including Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Braum, Yasuo, Ahri and Pyke.

Ruined King will arrive on Xbox One in early 2021 before it transitions to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S soon after, with a free next-gen upgrade confirmed for the Xbox One version (thanks Gematsu).

Rise Against Ruin - Unite a party of League of Legends Champions, explore Bilgewater and set sail for the Shadow Isles to uncover the secrets of the deadly Black Mist in this immersive turn-based RPG.

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