The Xbox Series X & PS5 Have Wildly Different Ways Of Expanding Storage

There's been a lot of talk and lot of comparisons being made between the Xbox Series X and PS5 ever since Sony unveiled a teardown of the latter yesterday, and one of those topics has centred around additional storage.

Specifically, we're talking the ability to play next-gen games off that storage, which Xbox offers in the way of a portable Expansion Card that plugs into the back of the console, while the PS5 requires unscrewing an area inside the system to locate the PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD compatible storage expansion slot.

Here's a very brief look at how both of those work:

More questions need to be answered on the PS5 side about which SSD drives will be compatible with the system, and while Seagate is bringing out a £220/$220 1TB Expansion Card for the Xbox Series X|S at launch, Microsoft has also confirmed that "multiple options and different form factors and different sizes" will be offered for these in the future.

Basically, we're still don't have the full picture yet.

As a reminder though, here's how expandable storage in general will work on Xbox Series X/S:

You can play directly from the Storage Expansion Card and you will have the exact same experience and performance as if the game was running from the internal SSD. Not only does this apply to games optimized for Xbox Series X|S, but also your favorite backwards compatible Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. When backwards compatible games are played directly from either the internal SSD or the Storage Expansion Card you will see significant improvements in load times due to the next generation performance of Xbox Series X|S.

The Xbox Series X & PS5 Have Wildly Different Ways Of Expanding Storage 2

For now, we just want your thoughts on how these two expandable storage solutions stack up from a convenience point of view, as well as how you think they'll fare throughout the next generation. Let us know below!

Which Method Seems More Appealing To You?