Talking Point: In Three Words, How Would You Sum Up The Xbox One Generation?

You might have seen us talking about it just a little bit over the past year, but Microsoft has two brand-new consoles (the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S) coming out this November, and we're very excited.

The Xbox One still has plenty of life ahead of it even seven years after its initial launch, but it'll be eclipsed by its more powerful siblings beginning next month, marking the beginning of the end for the current generation of consoles.

It's a system that has endured its fair share of lows and plenty of highs since its initial debut back in 2013, from its botched pre-launch campaign to the advent of the Xbox One X, backwards compatibility and Xbox Game Pass.

It's a bit mean of us to ask you to sum up all of that in just three words, but we don't always play nice! So, what are you going for? Tell us your picks and give us your reasoning in the comments section below.