PSA: Please Don't Lick The Xbox Series X Or Its Controllers

If you got early access to Microsoft's next-generation Xbox, what would you do with it? Play some games, right? While plenty of members of the press who have received the system ahead of its release are doing exactly that, apparently a handful of individuals are also licking the new console...

Yep, they're licking it along with the new Xbox Series X controller to see what they both taste like. Xbox's social media manager Josh Stein has supposedly already seen four people do it and as delicious as it looks, he advises against it.

Of course, telling the internet not to do something never works out. And not long after these tweets, Stein received a number of replies from fans and media asking him why they shouldn't lick it. Even Xbox software engineer Brenna Duffitt was open to the idea of taste-testing the new hardware.

So, what does it taste like? Probably like new technology. On top of it potentially being unsafe to lick your Series X (especially while it's on), if you upgrade to a new model eventually, well...nobody wants your pre-licked hardware. Yuck!

Do you think you'll be able to resist trying out the new Xbox Series X (in more ways than one) when it arrives this November? Tell us down below.