Highly-regarded adventure puzzler The Touryst released for Xbox One back in July, and while it already plays and looks great on that system, it's going to perform even better on Xbox Series X|S.

As confirmed by Digital Foundry in the video you see above (which also provides a closer look at the recently revealed performance specs for The Falconeer), The Touryst actually renders at 6K at 60 frames per-second internally on Xbox Series X and downsamples that to 4K, resulting in a "super ultra sharp" image.

Alternatively, those with a 4K, 120Hz compatible display will be able to select that option on Xbox Series X as well, which this time renders at native 4K and appears locked to 120FPS with no dips.

You'll be able to try all of this out for yourself on Xbox Series launch day (November 10th), with the game available via Xbox Game Pass and also leveraging Smart Delivery for a free next-generation upgrade.

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