Gears Of War Creator Says He's Got Some Ideas For A 'Little' Game

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has previously mentioned how he wouldn't mind returning to the video game industry. At the start of the year, he even offered to help Microsoft out with the sixth Gears game - explaining how he had some unfinished business.

Now, in a recent Facebook post regarding the memoir about his gaming career, he's revealed how he has come up with some ideas for "little" games. He goes onto state how "not everything" needs to be top quality on a huge budget, while making reference to the recent success stories Fall Guys and Among Us.

"I am finding myself actually having a slight itch to scratch to maybe poke around and see about making a little game. I have some ideas kicking around, so we'll see. I've found myself madly in love with smaller games these days, and the success of Fall Guys and Among Us give me hope that not everything needs to be insane AAA that requires crazy crunch that ruins families and mental health on a 100m budget.

The other title I'm madly in love with is the Touryst on the Switch. So simple, yet deceptively tricky in parts, and just cute as heck with the art style. I'll never forget when Minecraft blew up when I was at Epic and we were all befuddled by its success because the graphics were so simple. Clearly that was an asset for that phenomenon!

Games like these give me hope that I may one day dip my toe back into the biz, ever so slowly and cautiously."

In a series of tweets in May, Cliff said "it was a mistake" releasing his Boss Studio title LawBreakers on PlayStation 4 rather than the Xbox - where his fanbase was. So if Cliff does decide to make a smaller game of sorts in the future, perhaps he'll release it on Microsoft's platforms instead.

Would you like to see this industry icon make a smaller game or even return to the Gears series one day? Maybe he could help out with that Marcus Fenix Collection if it manages to get off the ground. Share your own thoughts below.

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