Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Won't Feature Ray Tracing On Xbox Series S

Following its announcement as an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch title back in September, Capcom has now revealed more details about how Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will perform on the two next-gen systems.

The big news? Ray tracing will be available as a downloadable title update for Xbox Series X as previously revealed, but we now know that it won't be supported on the lesser-powered Xbox Series S.

Capcom says it's still "scratching the surface" of what both consoles are capable of, but nevertheless the game will still feature reduced loading times, enhanced 3D audio and framerates of up to 120FPS on Xbox Series X & S.

The lack of ray tracing support for DMC5 will certainly prove a disappointment for some fans, but hopefully the rest of those next-gen features will more than make up for its absence.

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