Cyberpunk 2077 Boss Apologises For 'Harmful' Crunch Comments

It's fair to say it's been a bit of a rough week for Cyberpunk 2077.

Following the announcement of the game's delay to December 10th back on Tuesday, developer CD Projekt Red took part in an eventful call to investors, which included president and joint-CEO Adam Kiciński downplaying reports of crunch at the studio, stating the crunch was "not that bad, and never was."

"Regarding crunch; actually it's not that bad - and never was. Of course it’s a story that has been picked up by the media, and some people have been crunching heavily, but a large part of the team is not crunching at all since they have finished their work."

"It’s mostly about Q&A and engineers, programmers - but it’s not that heavy. Of course, it will be extended a bit, but we have feedback from the team, they’re happy about the extra three weeks, so we don’t see any threats regarding crunch."

As you might expect, this drew quite a bit of backlash, with Kiciński later apologising to staff for his comments in an internal email acquired by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier.

"I had not wanted to comment on crunch, yet I still did, and I did it in a demeaning and harmful way. Truth be told, it's only now, when the stress connected with the delay decision and the call itself is lifting, that I'm fulling realizing the extent of my words."

"I have nothing to say in my defense. What I said was not even unfortunate, it was utterly bad. For that, please accept my most sincere and honest apologies."

Kiciński was also asked during the call about whether he feels comfortable in Cyberpunk 2077's new December release date, stating that he's "maybe not comfortable, but confident".

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