GameStop Announces Trade-In Offers For The Xbox Series S & X

Not planning to keep your old Xbox One when you upgrade to the Xbox Series S/X? Then this might be the deal for you! GameStop in the U.S. has confirmed that it's offering up to $200 off your pre-order when trading in an old console.

The company made the announcement via email, revealing that it's offering the following prices:

  • Xbox One X - $200
  • PlayStation 4 Pro - $200
  • Nintendo Switch - $175
  • PlayStation 4 1TB - $175
  • Xbox One S - $125
  • PlayStation 4 500GB - $125
  • Nintendo Switch Lite - $125
  • Xbox One 500GB - $100

No further information has been provided for now, although the email suggests that these prices are only available when trading in these consoles towards the pre-order of the Xbox Series S/X.

Are you planning to take advantage of this offer? Let us know in the comments below.