Update: Square Enix has commented on Final Fantasy XVI's PS5 exclusivity in a statement to GamesRadar. It doesn't tell us much, but the publisher hasn't denied that it could come to other platforms down the line.

"We have no further information on if Final Fantasy 16 will be released on platforms other than the PS5."

Original story: We've got some bad news, Final Fantasy fans - Square Enix has today unveiled Final Fantasy XVI as part of the PS5 Showcase, but according to Sony it's been snapped up as a 'PlayStation Console Exclusive'.

We're still a little bit confused as to what that means though, as the trailer above suggests it's "not available on other platforms for a limited time after PS5," suggesting an Xbox release could still be on the cards.

It sounds like we're out of luck for now at least, but we'll let you know if we hear anything more.

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