We've got our first look at gameplay for Crysis Remastered on Xbox One X! You can check that out in the video above courtesy of Digital Foundry, which also includes a studio tour of developer Crytek.

In addition to this, the outlet has shared a little more information on what to expect from the game on the console. Reportedly, it ships with no less than three display modes on the Xbox One X, including a 4K, 30fps mode and a 1080p, 60fps alternative, and the software-based ray tracing solution featured in the Xbox One X version of Crysis Remastered apparently often works to "spectacular effect", with good performance to boot.

The website says it plans to share more details on the Xbox One X version of the game soon, but the big takeaway is that it believes it's "shaping up to be something that's well worth the wait." Now we're even more excited!

You'll be able to get your hands on the Xbox version of Crysis Remastered two weeks today on September 18th.

What are your thoughts on this first look at Crysis Remastered Xbox One X gameplay? Let us know below.

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