Halo Infinite

With the Xbox Series X launch date locked and ready to go, the new question everyone seems to be asking is when will Halo Infinite be released?

In August, it was announced the game had been delayed until next year, and since then there's been ongoing speculation about the new launch date. Earlier this week, pre-orders for a Halo Infinite bundle with a Master Chief statue opened, and while no date was shared, Best Buy did say it was "coming soon".

Halo's community director, Brian Jarrard, has now gone to the extent of reminding fans there's no official release date for Halo Infinite just yet, and anything you see or hear on a retail website is pure speculation or a placeholder date:

And for those wondering, there's no word on when exactly Xbox and 343 Industries will reveal the release date for the next-generation Halo game. So for now, you'll just have to wait! At least we know it will be coming next year and our bet is Microsoft wants to get the game out the doors sooner rather than later.

When exactly do you think Halo Infinite will arrive in 2021? Share your thoughts down below.

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