You Can Now Pre-Install Battletoads With Xbox Game Pass

It's finally almost here, Battletoads fans! After 26 long years, the latest game in the series arrives on August 20th, and it's now available to pre-install for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

You can grab it by heading to the official Microsoft Store page or searching for it on your Xbox One, and the install size is around 19GB, although it looks like the actual download size is only around 10GB.

As far as we know, it's not available to actually pre-order yet - it shouldn't be long now, though.

With a unique hand-animated cartoon style and packed with memorable characters and locations, the Battletoads are back for a larger-than-life brawl across the universe that promises to be fun alone, and unforgettable together.

Excited for Battletoads on August 20th? Let us know if you've pre-installed the game below.