Long Hog Version 5 and 6
Image: InfernoPlus

If you're a fan of Halo (and we know many of you are), you'll likely get a chuckle or two out of this absolutely ridiculous mod by the programmer @Inferbro, for the PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo Custom Edition.

It takes the "Long Hog" Warthog from the Cursed Halo mod - designed for Halo: Combat Evolved - and pushes the idea to its limits by making it - yep, you guessed it - even longer. From here, things get out of control, until the vehicle is as long as entire levels and even requires a custom-made map.

Below are some - not all - of the different versions. Each one gets longer and longer. We start off with the versions three and four, which can both seat up to 11 players each.

Long Hog Version 3 and 4
Image: InfernoPlus

Now we jump ahead to versions seven and eight - the eighth model seats more than 16 people:

Long Hog Version 7
Image: InfernoPlus
Long Hog Version 8
Image: InfernoPlus

And here is version 9, 10, 11 and 13 (yes, we've skipped 12):

Behold version 14 - running from one end of the Battle Creek multiplayer map to the other:

Long Hog Version 14
Image: InfernoPlus

And in order to make the longest Warthog possible, Inferbro had to design a custom map. Version...we've honestly forgotten at this point. Squint hard enough and you might be able to see the front and end:

The Longest Warthog
The Longest Warthog (Image: InfernoPlus)

If you've made it this far, here are some bonus hogs - we've got giant ones, tall ones, wide boys and even hover hogs. If you check out the full video on the InfernoPlus YouTube channel you'll get to see even more designs. Once again, this mod is compatible with the Halo Custom Edition and the Halo: Master Chief Collection on PC.

Are you as impressed as we are by these Long Hogs? Leave a comment down below.

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