Microsoft Is Refunding Games That Were Accidentally Relisted On The Xbox Store

Cast your mind back to the start of August, and you might remember that Microsoft surprisingly relisted a whole bunch of Xbox 360 games onto the Xbox Store for a short period.

We didn't quite know at the time whether it was an intentional move or not, but they were soon removed, and it now appears to have been a side-effect of some changes to the Microsoft Store.

If you happened to buy any of those games, we suggest checking your emails. Microsoft seems to be refunding anyone who took advantage, as you can see from one of the examples below:

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you still get to keep the game - the reports we've seen so far suggest that access to these titles has been removed as well, so you might just have to hunt down some physical copies!

Did you buy any of these games? Have you received a refund? Let us know in the comments.