Xbox Series X Listing Appears On Amazon US

It looks like a recent listing for the Xbox Series X has been added to Amazon US.

This has been spotted by a user over at the Xbox Series X Reddit page, and the listing seems legit, featuring a variety of details and marketing material with a placeholder release date of December 31, although it's strangely listed as an Xbox One console on the website for now.

The official Amazon US Xbox Series X information page is also linking to it.

Amazon Xbox Series X Listing
Image: Amazon

Obviously the Xbox Series X isn't available to pre-order yet on the site, but it looks like the retailer is at least gearing up for some kind of announcement in the relatively near future. Based on the latest rumours about the Xbox Lockhart (Xbox Series S), it appears as though we might get more concrete details on both systems in August.

When do you think pre-orders will finally go live for Xbox Series X? Give your predictions below.

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