Rumour Says Fable Is An MMO, But It's Reportedly Not True

You might have been hearing rumours over the past day-or-so that the new Fable - announced as part of this week's Xbox Games Showcase - will be a massively multiplayer online game. But according to a report, this isn't true.

The rumour originated from French journalist CronoTK on Twitter, who according to GamesRadar, successfully predicted the entire Xbox Games Showcase lineup ahead of the show this week.

However, Windows Central has since posted a report outright confirming that this rumour is completely false, and that the new Fable is definitely an action-RPG, which is also noted on the official Xbox website.

"Multiple sources familiar with the plans for Playground's take on Fable have confirmed to us that it is an action-RPG, one that you can play in single-player. There may be online elements like co-op functionality or limited, optional shared spaces but nothing to the extent that would justify classifying the game as an MMO."

The outlet seems very confident that Fable definitely won't be an MMO, so it looks like we can put this rumour to bed. And hopefully, we'll find out more official details on the game before the end of the year!

What do you want to see from the new Fable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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