Rumour: Lockhart Dev Kit Easy To Use, Won't Hold Back Xbox Series X

Back on Friday, a user took to message board NeoGAF to allegedly share comments from a friend in the industry about the Xbox Lockhart - Microsoft's unannounced, lower-spec next-gen console. This information has reportedly been vetted by a moderator on the message board, but we still suggest taking it with a pinch of salt.

According to the post, the developer explained that they didn't get any type of Lockhart hardware until recently, making it harder to optimise for the system via the Anaconda (Xbox Series X) dev kit. However, the concerns went away when the Lockhart development kits finally arrived:

"It is indeed the same CPU and SSD and getting up and running on this device was super easy compared to Anaconda running in the Lockhart profile. We have been able to do the work we want on Anaconda and get it running on Lockhart with not a ton of work but it has required a bit more time to make sure the code runs on both machines in the same fashion. Its not something we are really worried about anymore. As the generation goes on I feel like this will be the approach for many studios. You start on Anaconda and then optimize for Lockhart. There is nothing the Lockhart can't do that the Anaconda can."

Following this, they went on to highlight that a potential concern is how rare Lockhart development kits appear to be at the moment, as it's more challenging to mimic the system on the Xbox Series X kit. However, they also explained that the optimisation tools provided by Microsoft have come "a long way":

"For smaller teams I could see the optimization process being more time consuming but the tools provided by Microsoft have come a long way. They make it very easy to jump from one kit to another and the Lockhart kit is equipped with a lot of tools that help you see exactly where code needs to be looked at. Ray Tracing is one area that they seemed to have focused on and have made it very easy to adjust the levels."

The developer even talked more about the differences between developing for the Xbox Series X and PS5, revealing that the PS5 dev kit is a bit easier to work with, but the Xbox Series X "has the upper hand in terms of us being able to really push effects."

That's a lot of information! What do you make of this rumour? Let us know below.