Microsoft Isn't Focused On Short-Term Profit With Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has been talking a bit more about Xbox Game Pass in a recent interview with What's Good Games, explaining that the service "isn't a big profit play" for the company right now.

In the interview (transcribed by GameSpot), Greenberg was asked about how Xbox Game Pass can prove profitable, and responded by highlighting that it's all about providing value for the customer:

"It's a different mindset. If you do optimize for profit, and you do specifically say ... you can either say, 'How we do get as much profit out of each customer?' Or, do you pivot that and say, 'How do we add as much value to our fans?' 'How can we actually over-deliver on value?' If you do that, you build fans for life."

He later went on to point out that word-of-mouth marketing can do far more for the service than any marketing Microsoft throws at it, and the team wants to encourage that by continually adding value over the long term:

"Ultimately, we think long-term that's the right thing for the business and will have long-term benefits for us. In the short-term, yeah, [Xbox Game Pass] is not a big profit play. But we think long-term it works out good for everybody."

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