Microsoft Confirms It Has Removed Yearly Xbox Live Gold Subscription

Over the past few days, speculation has been rampant that Microsoft might be planning to make changes to its Xbox Live Gold service, following the discovery that it was no longer possible to buy 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions from the Microsoft Store.

And now, Microsoft has confirmed its removal wasn't a mistake.

Speaking to True Achievements, a Microsoft spokesperson issued the following statement:

"At this time, Xbox has decided to remove the 12 months Xbox Live Gold SKU from the Microsoft online Store. Customers can still sign up for a one month or three month Xbox Live Gold subscription online through the Microsoft Store."

Microsoft hasn't given any reason for why the subscription has been dropped, although fan speculation has suggested the service might be being phased out, and even that Xbox Live multiplayer might become free.

Nothing is official for now though, so we'll have to wait a little longer until the cause of its removal is determined. So, what do you think? Is Gold going free? Are price changes on the way? Let us know your thoughts below.