Crysis Remastered Has Been Delayed 'By A Few Weeks'

Crytek has revealed that it has delayed the upcoming release of Crysis Remastered "by a few weeks." Its gameplay trailer will no longer officially debut today either, and pre-orders will be pushed back as well. The game had previously been listed with a July 23rd release date on the Microsoft Store.

In a statement on Twitter, the company explained that it was committed to delivering a high-quality experience, and while Crysis Remastered's features are already set, it wanted to "take the time on polishing the game":

"This extra time until release will allow us to get Crysis Remastered up to the PC - and console-breaking standard you've come to expect from Crysis games."

The team also acknowledged the recent leak of the game's date, screenshots and a trailer on the Microsoft Store, and noted it's "seen all the reactions - the good and the bad - and we're listening," going on to explain that it's still working on a number of things in-game, as well as the storefront.

We'll let you know when a new date is announced. How do you feel about this news? Let us know below.