Windows Central has posted a video to its YouTube channel giving its "predictions and reveals" for the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase event on July 23rd, suggesting 343 Industries might shadow drop a multiplayer beta for Halo Infinite on the exact same date. We really hope this is true!

While the outlet classes part of the video as "predictions," it also notes that some of it is based on insider information. That said, we obviously suggest taking the following quote with a sizeable pinch of salt:

"Microsoft will come out swinging with the brand-new gameplay focused trailer, showcasing the power of the new Slipspace engine and the Xbox Series X. We'll also get a better look at the overall conflict of Halo Infinite's story, and plenty of piping hot Master Chief action."

"In addition to an impressive showing of the game's campaign, we'll also get the official reveal of Warzone 2.0 - Halo Infinite's massive-scale answer to the battle royale craze. The beta for this enormous multiplayer experience will also shadow drop right after the close of the event, giving players a chance to feel the new engine for themselves."

Furthermore, the outlet goes on to speculate that Halo Infinite and the Xbox Series X might release earlier than planned in Fall 2020, "months earlier than the originally anticipated Holiday 2020 release window." Either way, we'll hopefully get clarification on all of this in just a couple of weeks at Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase.

Do you buy this rumour? Could we all be playing Halo Infinite in just a couple of weeks? Give us your thoughts.