Rumour: Xbox Series X Was Originally Going To Launch In August, Lockhart In October

According to the latest report from trusted journalist Brad Sams at Thurrott, Microsoft was initially (around 2018) planning to launch the Xbox Series X in late August 2020, and the currently unannounced Xbox Lockhart in mid-October.

Sams explained that plans have clearly been adjusted since the conception of the hardware, and that trying to figure out when the Lockhart will be revealed has been difficult recently due to how fluid its announcement timeline has been.

Furthermore, he reported that Microsoft is asking employees to disguise the Lockhart when travelling with it using Durango or Scorpio covers - codenames for the Xbox One and Xbox One X development kits - suggesting it has a different shape than the Xbox Series X, which has apparently been disguised with bigger items like PC towers.

Eurogamer recently reported that the Xbox Lockhart reveal is currently scheduled for August, so we're guessing we may hear more about launch dates and prices then. We certainly hope so!

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